The most exciting thing about online gambling is winning big. Some players don’t trust that their winnings are going to be paid out by online casinos. These fear is unfounded, though, because usually casinos don’t decline payouts when they don’t suspect a scam.

People are worried that those stories about land-based casinos refusing to pay out large jackpots because of system malfunctions are going to happen to them in online casinos. Obviously rogue casinos with bad reputation may withhold your winnings for no reason, but trustworthy casinos never do that.

Payments can be withheld when there are security issues. For example, when a player uses multiple credit card numbers with different names, the casino will not allow any withdrawals until the player provides evidence regarding their identity. It’s understandable that scams like that have to be avoided if the casino wants to be a safe environment.

Sometimes payments will be declined when a player didn’t follow Terms of Service, but most times the casino will refund the deposit and pay out any winnings before banning the player from the casino. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to read all terms and conditions carefully before joining any online casino.