People who start their adventure with sports betting will usually choose one bookmaker that is trustworthy and simple. But if you want to earn some more money, or even make gambling into your career, it’s important to consider opening multiple accounts.

One of the reasons to have several accounts is adaptability. Every player has their individual preferences, for example being interested in very different types of sports or games from different countries, and usually not all of them are going to be covered by one bookmaker.

There are significant differences between different bookmakers when it comes to rules and technology as well, for example regarding deposits and withdrawals, wagering amounts, odds, bonuses, etc. When you have several accounts, you simply choose the one that fits your current preferences and requirements. You can also easily close one account that doesn’t fit you at all or starts failing, and continue to use the others.

Direct advantages of having multiple sports betting accounts come in the form of deposit bonuses, tipster and free bets services, and arbitrage. In this case, arbitrage means taking advantage of the fact that bookmakers offer different odds. You can hedge your bets and increase your winnings.