In addition to European roulette and American roulette, many casinos offer another variation of this game, called mini roulette. Most people know that the European roulette has better odds than the American version, but mini roulette is not well-known enough for players to say what the odds are. This article explains why it’s better to avoid mini roulette altogether.

In European roulette, if you bet $100 on a straight-up wager, you can win $3500 1/37 of the time or lose $100 36/37 of the time. The value from losing will be -$97.30 and the value from winning will be $94.59. On average you’ll lose $2.70. Therefore the house advantage is 2.7% on this bet. It’s definitely not bad, especially when you consider that you don’t need any skills in order to play roulette.

In mini roulette, with 1-12 numbers and a zero, the same $100 bet on a straight-up wager means 1/13 probability of winning $1100 and 12/13 probability of losing $100. The value from losing is -$92.31, while the value from winning is $84.62. The average amount you lose is $7.69, and therefore the house advantage is 7.69%, which is huge. Same goes for other bets in mini roulette.

Before you play a new game, it’s important to find out the value of the bets, especially when it’s not widely known. Do some research on the Internet before risking any money. And in this particular case remember to avoid mini roulette and stick to the European version.