Online casinos take security very seriously, but players are also responsible for it, for example when it comes to their passwords.

A password authorizes you to access your casino account while others are prevented from doing so. Some people play multiple times during the day and it might be irritating to always enter your password. There are casinos that offer an option of saving the password so that it doesn’t have to be entered all the time. You check a tick box on the login page in order to do that. If you prefer to keep entering you password, you need to leave the box unchecked. This option is provided by Microgaming, Vegas Technology and Wizard Gaming, while Cryptologic and Real Time Gaming don’t offer it.

As convenient as this feature is, it might be dangerous if it lets someone else access your account. If someone happens to use your computer, they’re automatically logged in and able to play on your behalf. It might also be possible to enter your login from another computer and still access your account because the password is saved.

The unauthorized person might lose your money, or withdraw it for themselves. The risk is too big to ignore it, and the convenience is not worth it.

Another super important thing to remember is to always log out after you finish playing. Staying logged in is even worse than saving the password. You also shouldn’t reuse any logins and passwords on websites where you use real money.