Online slot games are popular for their entertainment value and the possiblity of large payouts. In addition to that, they provide information and learning opportunities.

Symbols in slots, and the games themselves, are very theme-focused, so you can learn things about the theme. For example, in a Viking-themed slot game called Arctic Fortune, there are symbols related to the Viking culture, including the Horn of Plenty. It appeared in many European mythologies and was said to provide food in abundance.

From slots with a Native American theme you can learn about the dreamcatcher. In some Native American cultures the beautiful hoop with feathers was used to trap bad dreams of children and only let good dreams in.

In some games there are multiple symbols that provide learning opportunities. For example the Stash of the Titans, inspired by the Greek mythology. There are many gods, heroes, villains and monsters you can easily recognize if you know them, or discover if you don’t.

The Scrooge game is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The characters and events from the book appear as symbols and animations.

More nerdy type of knowledge comes from the Playtech and Cryptologic games based on the Marvel superheroes. You get to learn about their superpowers, weapons, enemies and alter egos.

Learning doesn’t in any way interrupt wagering. You can set games to auto-play and research the symbols on the Internet while the reels are spinning. And when you go back to the game, you just might have won.