Multiple brands run by the same online casino operator are called a casino group. They’re identical or similar when it comes to ownership, licensing authority, software, payment system, customer support and loyalty points systems. They may also share promo events, such as tournaments.

The differences between brands in a group are mostly based on the theme – the graphics, environment and general atmosphere can be very different, for example one might be Wild West themed while another one is very fancy. Another important difference exists when it comes to welcome bonuses and reload bonuses.

Casino players are divided into high rollers and low rollers. High rollers make huge deposits and bets, which means that casinos favor them by raising deposit bonuses and upper limits. They also get large wagering requirements and a minimum deposit requirement. Low rollers couldn’t possibly meet those requirements, so bonuses are small. That’s why the market within the same group can be divided.

Different themes serve a similar purpose – the same casino group can attract many people with a lot of different preferences. For example aggressive players often pick games with Wild West.

Players can also change their mind and their taste. When they get bored with one brand they can very smoothly move to another one within the group, because they already know the basics of how it works and don’t have to learn everything from scratch.