In most online casinos there are some scratch card games under the Specialty Games category. They were never very popular because their simplicity made them quite boring, and their average payout percentages are not very good. Online casinos try improve them and make them more appealing, though, so it’s important that players remember to not wager too much on scratch cards.

Scratch card games used to simply use multipliers as symbols – if there was a matching three after revealing the symbols, the player won their wager multiplied by the revealed multiplier.

The games evolved together with slots and they’re inspired by slots, especially when it comes to themes. There are audiovisual effects and interesting animations – for example Cryptologic game High Fashion uses purchases as symbols, shopping bags and the window of a shop as surroundings, and a delighted or disappointed shopper as reaction to winning or losing.

The auto scratch feature displays the symbols without the player having to click them. Auto play is available too, for up to 99 games. Both high rollers and low rollers will be satisfied because coin sizes can be changed.

As attractive as scratch cards are getting, it’s better to not play them regularly because of the low average payout percentage. They’re good as filler games when you’re waiting for something or want to have some rest after an exhausting game. It’s better to not play more than a dozen scratch cards at once and to use lower coin sizes.