Online gambling, including online casinos, has been evolving and improving together with the Internet itself. At the beginning there used to be only very few slot games, mostly 1 payline “classic slots”.

Classic slot games are the ones you find at land-based casinos. To win you need to get the same symbol three times on the payline. Some symbols are worth more than others, and sometimes you win even with just one symbol or with mismatched symbols. Usually you win back what you bet, or win even more. These odds are most times on your side, especially when you compare them to the odds of video multi-payline slots, where even with winning combination you might win less than you bet.

Video slots are more visually attractive and have more features, but as a professional gambler you mostly judge games by the odds and the percentage of wins, and that’s when they become controversial. Even though there’s a lot of special features, such as free spin bonus rounds, coin jackpots or wild symbols, a lot of the time they don’t improve your situation at all and you end up empty handed. Good luck can definitely happen, but if you spend the same amount of time and money on a classic slot game and a video slot game, you are more likely to win more with the first one.

Each of types has its pros and cons, but the above arguments are something to keep in mind when deciding which one to play.