Only one type of Keno ticket is available in online casinos. Players pick up to 15 numbers that count as one set to play in one game. This type, known as a straight ticket, is available in land-based casinos too, but there are also many other more exciting tickets to choose from.

Split ticket means betting on 2 or more combinations in the same game by picking 2 or more number sets up to 15 numbers. A particular number can only appear in one set. The player writes the number of groups and numbers in each group by the main box, for example 2 sets of 5 numbers would be “2/5”. The price per set and the total price also need to be filled in.

Combination ticket resembles a split ticket, but in addition to the groups there’s also the sum total of all of them. 2 groups of 5 numbers will mean that there’s also a 3rd group of all 10 numbers. The ticket needs to say “2/5 1/10”. If the price per group is $1, then the total is $3. The number of marked spots can’t be more than 15.

Way ticket means, for example, that the player marks 3 sets of 5 numbers – A, B and C – and therefore the player bets on 3 groups of 10. The first one would be A plus B, the second – A plus C, and the third one – B plus C. The ticket would say “3/10”.

King ticket means that 1 number is called the king, other groups of numbers are marked, and the king gets added to each of them. For example, 7 as the king, 20 and 21 as one group and 70 and 80 as another group would make “2/3” – 2 groups of 3: 7, 20, 21 and 7, 70, 80.