There are three ways to deposit money in online casinos. The traditional one is to do it via bank transfer or paper checks. It’s not very popular because it can take a lot of time. Credit cards or debit cards are the second method. The third one is known as alternative payments and it includes e-wallets, such as QuickTender, Use My Wallet, NETeller, eWallet Xpress or PaySpark.

Credit cards are the most often used method. There are some problems you can run into when trying to make a deposit with your credit card, though, and it’s important to know the reasons.

The bank that has issued your credit card might reject the transaction. The law called UIGEA that passed in 2006 causes it to happen very frequently in the United States. There is vagueness in the law itself, so in the end you cannot tell for sure if the transfer of money to an online casino is lawful or not. Some banks play it safe and reject these transactions because they’re worried that later they’re going to be considered unlawful. This problem doesn’t apply only to the United States.

If your bank doesn’t let your transaction go through, you don’t need to give up on depositing money altogether. You can use e-wallets and other alternative payment methods instead.