Every time I played roulette I kept losing, but I wouldn’t give up because I saw other people winning. Even if I followed their steps I would still fail. I decided then that roulette was a game of pure chance, but that’s not necessarily true.

After I saw that luck was never on my side, I decided to help it by using winning strategies.

The existence of professional roulette players proves that roulette is not merely a game based on luck. By following those players you can definitely help you luck. One of the main strategies is spread betting – you increase your chances of winning by spreading your bets at multiple places.

Another effective strategy is a combination of straight up bets, quad (corner) bets and split bets. The important rule is that you are consistent with your chosen strategies – switching between them can mean a big loss. Especially outside bets have to always be consistent. Straight bets can be changed often.

Roulette can seem very simple, but at the same time it’s complex. You need to avoid strategies that will quickly diminish your bankroll because bankroll management is one of the most essential aspects of adopting strategies.

If you learn some good strategies that can help your luck you can end up winning big.