Unlimited bonuses are in the offer of many online casinos. There’s either no upper limit on the bonus itself or on the number of deposits you can make for bonuses – usually both. There isn’t any catch when it comes to the bonuses being unlimited, but it’s just like an “all you can eat” restaurant – the company knows that there actually is a limit even if they themselves don’t introduce one.

The first limit comes from the fact that unlimited bonuses match the deposit you make, so in order to get an unlimited bonus you need to have unlimited funds, and that’s simply not the reality even for high rollers. There are also limits on how much you can deposit imposed by either the casino itself or by the credit card or ewallet providers. It’s technically unrelated to the bonus, but it still affects it and makes it in fact limited.

Another limit comes from the fact that every single bonus comes with wagering requirements, and the bigger it is, the bigger they get. To meet the requirements you only have several days to several weeks. You cannot increase the size of individual bets indefinitely because there’s a limit on that, so wagering enough might need more time than you have.

Unlimited bonuses might be beneficial to some players, but for most players the requirements of limited bonuses can already be difficult enough.