All online casino software developers offer card games, such as baccarat, blackjack or poker-based games, and most also offer less popular ones, like Casino Wars or Red Dog. But there are also some very unusual games.

Playtech online casinos offer Stravaganza. It resembles blackjack. Number cards count at face value, ace is 1 point, and picture cards are 10 points. The total needs to be higher than the dealer’s, without a bust limit. The dealer gets 3 cards face down and the player gets 2 cards face up. The player can get the bet back if the total is 5 or under. If it’s from 6 to 9, they can get half of the bet back. If it’s 10 or more, 2 cards can be played as the original bet. There’s always the option to draw a 3rd card by placing an identical bet. The player wins or loses both bets depending on the dealer’s total being lower or higher. The player loses the first bet if the dealer has a red ace as the 1st card, or both bets if it’s the 2nd or 3rd card. For 3 cards of the same rank there’s a 3 to 1 payout, and for 3 face cards it’s 3 to 2.

Realtime Gaming and Microgaming offer three card rummy. The values are the same as in Stravaganza. 3 cards are dealt to both the dealer and the player. The player’s hand value has to be lower than the dealer’s. Some groups of cards will count as 0. An ante wager is placed by the player. The dealer’s cards are face down and the player’s are face up. The player can fold or make an equal play wager. For winning an ante bet there’s even money, for winning a play bet and the dealer’s total being 20 or more there’s also even money. If the dealer’s total is smaller, the bet pushes.