There are two different types of promotions in online casinos – the ones where you’re guaranteed to win after you meet all the requirements, and the ones where you get a chance to win but without any guarantee.

The former are smaller most of the time, because they do need to reward everyone who is eligible. Usually these promotions mean that a player who wagers a specific amount of money receives a specific bonus, normally about 10 times smaller than the amount wagered.

The second type of promotions is much more exciting. There are relatively few prizes, so they are much bigger.

Tournaments are one example. Some of them are freerolls – they don’t have an entry fee. If they do have one, then the only money you might lose is your entry fee, because betting is done with casino-provided tournament chips. This form is very popular because it requires skill in addition to luck.

Wagering contests also belong to the second category. They’re made for high rollers because the winners are the people who wager the most. Low rollers should not participate – even if they wager their entire bankroll, it might not be enough to get on the leader board and win something.

Lucky draw is also included in the second type of promotions. Players get lucky draw tickets (with prizes ranging from money to vacations) for wagering a specific amount. Multiple tickets are available, so high rollers are favored. Low rollers are not excluded, though, because one ticket is enough to win the lucky draw. Just bet according to your set limits and hope for some luck.