There are thousands or maybe even millions of online poker fans. To keep everyone interested and entertained, gambling websites keep introducing many different variations of poker. Tri Card, a game played with only three cards, is one of the popular versions. It’s much faster than regular poker with five cards. It’s a good choice for beginners (because it’s simple) as well as for experienced players (because it’s fast).

The players place an ante bet and can also place a side bet, which is a pair plus bet. Three cards are dealt face up. The dealer’s cards are face down. If the players folds, the game is over and they lose the ante bet. If the player raises, they place a bet equal to the ante bet. The dealer exposes their hand.

The dealer hand qualifying or not determines the results. A Queen high or better needs to be held by the dealer. If it doesn’t qualify, the raise bet pushes and the ante bet is paid at even money. If it qualifies, the hands are compared. All bets are lost and the game is over if the dealer hand is better.

Even if the player loses, they can win an ante bonus on their hand. For example a straight is paid even money, a three of a kind is 3:1, and a straight flush is 4:1. With the pair plus bet there are even more possible payouts, up to 40:1 for a straight flush.

Online gamblers choose Tri Card Poker because it’s very easy to learn, fast, and offers great rewards.