Video poker might be quite complicated, with all the difficult strategies for different situations, but in the end most mistakes that players make are not very complicated at all. They come from basic misunderstandings, and this article will tell you how to avoid them.

Game selection is the first important mistake. In online casino there are often 20 or more video poker games, and most players will simply choose the one that seems the most appealing right away. However, it’s essential that you do some research regarding payout rates and narrow down your list according to what you find out to 8-10 games. Your list to choose from will remain quite long, but the games with the worst payouts will not be on it anymore.

Another mistake is to ignore easy games. It’s okay to enjoy the complex video poker games like Deuces or wild card games. But if your goal to maximize your probability of winning while having some fun, then the games that are the easiest to learn and develop a good strategy are the best for you.

Last but not least, playing with fewer than 5 coins is a big mistake. If you don’t want to endanger your bankroll and risk $5 per hand, choose a machine that has smaller coin sizes. By playing with all 5 coins you increase the payout rate significantly, which helps you win big.