Roulette is very exciting because of the potential for spectacular wins. However, that also means that big losses are likely to happen too. Strategies can help when you want to preserve your bankroll, but in order to pick the right ones you need to know the wrong ones. Those can do the opposite and make you lose faster instead.

The Martingale is a common strategy. Every time you lose, you need to double your bet. The theory says that even one win can return all the lost money to you, but in practice this strategy usually doesn’t work at all. During even a very short losing streak you can lose your entire bankroll and you’re left with no way to get it back.

Playing for large payouts is another mistake that people often make. The variety of bets looks very attractive, but it’s good to avoid single number bets and split bets. They might offer a huge win, but in reality it’s much more likely to be a loss. Bets with even returns or slightly more are the safest.

High rollers often use All or Nothing as strategy. It might sound very appealing to new players because it seems to be a way to get rich very fast, but that’s just an illusion. You bet your entire bankroll on one spin. If you lose, you’re left with nothing. The odds are terrible and the hope of a huge win should never convince new players to actually do that.