Slot games don’t require any skills, so they’re very popular. The ones in online casinos are even better than those in land-based casinos because the payout percentage is much higher – up to 95% and more in online slots, and only up to 80% in land-based ones.

Despite that, there are players who simply prefer land-based casinos because of their atmosphere, to the point of ignoring the financial disadvantages. If you’re one of those players, you need to know about the slot machine placement theory.

Many gamblers believe that casinos place the slot machines with higher payouts in dark corners and other rarely visited spots, while the ones with lower payouts are easily accessible. The problem is that this theory has never been proven.

In the book “Break the One-Armed Bandits” by Frank Scoblete, a casino manager admits to doing exactly that. But by now all casinos know about the slot machine placement theory, so they definitely must have changed their strategy, even if they used this one in the first place.

Instead of paying attention to the placement of machines, there are other beneficial things you can do. Pay attention to the payout percentage (how much money you receive per $1 spent) and payout frequency (how often you receive payouts). Join the slots club at the casino, it gives additional bonuses and other benefits. And last but not least, consider switching to online slots because of the higher payout percentage and more exciting promotions and rewards.