If you choose a casino powered by amazing software developer Playtech, you can expect a huge number of slots. Obviously this is not the only type of games offered by Playtech, though. There are all types of online entertainment, including well-known table games (such as both European and American versions of Roulette, or Baccarat), blackjack, video poker and many others. But the slots are an important reason why many people join these particular casinos.

1 payline, 3 payline, 5 payline and so on, all the way to the huge number of 30 paylines – that’s the variety of slot games available in Playtech casinos. An interesting game to pay attention to is “Highway Kings”. It’s a multi-payline slot game with scatter symbols, wild symbols and a really great winning percentage. Just like most Playtech games, it has its own one-of-a-kind theme and its own unique sound effects. The sounds as well as the graphics are what makes these slots extraordinary.

There are plenty progressive slots where the winning combination can literally change your life and make your dreams come true. The winners get paid securely and quickly.

Another awesome feature is the fact that you can play more than one slot game at the same time, including the progressive ones. This innovation from Playtech software lets you multitask and try your luck in multiple windows.