The number of games provided by a casino software studio can be as big as 400 (Microgaming) or as small as 60 (Rival Gaming). Is more always better?

One of the reasons for this disparity is that some online casinos are even a decade older than others. The frequency in which new games are added is also a factor – for example, for Microgaming it’s three or four games every single month.

It is very unlikely for one player to check out all the 400 games that Microgaming has to offer. Every player has their own preferences and will pick games from their favorite categories, while avoiding categories they don’t like. So in the end variety is much more important than the total number of titles. You can say that more games means more variety, but that doesn’t have to be true. For example, Cryptologic with 200 games has as much variety as Microgaming.

Rotation of games is more important – new games (or new versions of games) arrive, and old games that players got bored of can be retired. If there is no change and evolution, players are less likely to be interested in the online casino.

Finding the right niche is the goal, both for the casinos and for the players.