Casinos are some of the most secure buildings in the world because all the money needs the best protection there is. Despite that, or maybe because of that, some criminals are fearless enough to try to rob a casino and sometimes they actually succeed. The stories of these real heists sound like action movies.

• In 1992 in the Las Vegas Stardust Casino one of the cashiers, Bill Brennan, put $500,000 in his backpack and left the building. The security wasn’t alarmed because he was an employee. After that he disappeared and managed to not get caught.
• Heather Tallchief stole a $2.5 million from the Las Vegas Circus Circus casino in 1993 by taking an armored car. Her accomplice and boyfriend, Roberto Solis, betrayed her and took off with all the money.
• The heist in the Bellagio casino in 2000 didn’t end well for the criminals – 4 days after stealing $160,000 the group of three men got caught. One of them killed himself and the others received very harsh sentences.
• A woman and three men used a laser scanner to predict roulette outcomes in 2004 in the London’s Ritz Casino. They won £1.3 million. The casino tried to get them prosecuted, but the judge deemed their methods not illegal.
• In 2010 in Las Vegas Anthony Carleo robbed the Bellagio casino for $1.5 million and the Suncoast casino for $20,000. Unfortunately for him, the Bellagio chips he stole contained tracking mechanisms, which lead to his arrest.