The Growing Popularity of Instant Play Software

Around 1995, when online casinos were a new invention, only download software was available. In the early 2000s instant play software appeared. It lets you play games in your browser without downloading anything.

At the beginning instant play was not popular because, in order to work smoothly, it requires faster Internet connection than what was available to most people, whether it was dial-up or broadband. Right now almost everyone can fully enjoy the graphics and animations thanks to fast Internet connections. There aren’t any differences when it comes to security between download software and instant play either, which used to be a concern at the beginning.

When computers had smaller hard drives, having too much software was a problem, so people who played in multiple casinos preferred instant play. Right now this concern is gone too. The important aspects of different types of software has changed.

Download software comes only from the software developer(s) the casino works with. If you want a diverse selection of games, you need to register in many online casinos. This limit is gone in instant play – specific games from different providers can be available, so casino-hopping is not necessary anymore.

Instant play versions of games used to be released after their download versions, but now they get released simultaneously, which shows the growing popularity of instant play.