Online gambling is a billion dollar business. Millions of players can bring millions of dollars a day, whether it’s an online casino, a Vegas one or another land-based one.

But the recent worldwide recession has hit casinos too, especially the land-based ones. Online ones have felt it too, but not as much. It seems to come from the fact that the gamblers don’t have to spend additional money on traveling and other expenses, they simply play from home.

In fact the recession is driving gamblers who used to play only in land-based casinos to check out the online ones and to find out that they’re cheaper and just as enjoyable. Las Vegas giants, such as Caesar’s Palace and Harrah’s, are now entering the world of online gambling and opening online casinos and poker rooms. Sadly they’re not available to players from the United States because the UIGEA government bill bans online gambling, but who says it’s not going to get overturned.

The battle between the established land-based casinos and the relatively new online ones on the Internet is very interesting to follow, since it’s not clear who’s going to win it.