Any new hobby or activity might be confusing at the beginning. When you start playing in online casinos you most likely don’t know which bets are better and which are worse, and that only adds to the confusion of all the different game rules. This article lists some easy bets that have a relatively low house advantage.

It’s good to start with European roulette, mostly because the payout rate of all bets is about 97.3%. The bets that pay 1 to 1, such as red, black, odd or even, are the best for beginners. For people who already want more excitement, bets on a single number will be a good choice. They pay 35 to 1, but obviously the chance of winning is much lower.

Baccarat is fun for beginners too. Both the banker bet and the player bet have more than 98% payout rate. The banker bet is slightly more likely to win, but also slightly less profitable. Do not make the tie bet or the pair bet at all, because the house advantage is very high (15%) and the payouts are very low (85%).

A good poker game for beginners is three card poker. The easy strategy is to always raise when you’ve got Q64-high or better. If you don’t understand what it means, it’s important to do some research before you try playing. Three card poker is very easy to learn and play.