Everyone who plays casino games wants to win, but obviously it isn’t always a possibility. There are bets that are very bad to make, such as the tie bet in baccarat, but there are also some that can increase your chances, and this article talks about the latter.

• Card counting when playing blackjack can give you advantage over the casino. You make small bets, and then when there’s a lot of aces and tens left you raise the stakes. This strategy makes it much more likely for you to win, which means that casinos are not okay with it and it will get you kicked out.
• Video poker is completely different than slot machines, even if they may seem similar. Slot games are entirely luck-based, while in video poker strategy and skills are the most important. Choosing a high-payout machine is the first step to winning big – it needs to be 9/6 Jacks or better. It makes it possible to have positive expectation because the payout might actually go as high as 100%.
• Sticking to Pass and Don’t Pass bets when playing craps ensures that the edge can’t go higher than 1.41%. Add to this laying chances and you improve the percentage even more.

All of this bets can make your bankroll last longer and make it more likely that you win as much as you plan to win.