Since live dealer casino games got introduced, the popularity of online casinos has been growing even more than before. Those games make online gambling much more attractive because it becomes more personal – there is another human being you can play with, instead of the Random Number Generator deciding everything. The best casino software providers offer multiple live dealer games.

Online casino games are generally very interactive, but they usually fail to provide experiences that could be comparable with actually being in Las Vegas. The interaction cannot be replicated without a live dealer.

Live dealer games can be personalized to the point of you being able to choose the dealer you want to play with. All of the dealers working in online casinos, just like in land-based ones, are experienced, friendly and helpful. They can even share strategies and other tips on how to win big, as well as explain the rules of the games.

Live dealer games are better than regular online casino games. But are they also better than going to a land-based casino? That depends on your individual preferences, and on how much money and time you have for the travel and stay at the casino. The atmosphere might be better in Las Vegas, but the convenience and low costs of online gaming are important factors.