Microgaming is not only a leader when it comes to online casino software, but it was also one of the pioneers in the field. It has shaped the industry from the beginning. As casinos evolve, both because of new regulations and because of new technologies, Microgaming is still leading the way.

Microgaming has multiple components. The Viper software is the core of every online casino working with Microgaming. It’s very rich when it comes to games, but it also has some small flaws – it requires a lot of memory and it’s only compatible with Windows.

Another element is Flash Casino. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. It can also work with less memory, low bandwidth, and slower processors. There are fewer no-download games provided by Flash Casino than download ones from Viper, but the titles are excellent.

In order to handle the issue of more and more online casinos offering software from different providers, Microgaming created ETI (Extended Third Party Interface) and the QuickFire platform.

Last but not least, Microgaming has very high quality sound effects and graphics, and the software comes in 24 different languages and with many currency options.