Online slot tournaments have a leader board. The specified number of players with the highest scores shares the prize pool. It’s beneficial to play in a tournament as late as possible, so that you can see the state of the leader board, set a target and decide how aggressively you want to wager.

Having the highest score is not necessary because all the players on the board win something. For example, the highest score is $25,000 and the 20th score is $2,000. The numbers don’t mean the winnings, they’re just there to determine the places on the board. The question is, should $2,000 or $25,000 be your target.

If it’s a once play slot tournament, you only get one chance to play – your first score is your final score. Players who avoid risk should aim for $2,000, which makes them quite likely to win at least $50. Players who want large winnings should aim for $25,000. However, the chance of not winning anything at all in this situation is much higher.

In rebuy tournaments players can choose how many times they want to repeat the game. Everyone’s scores get much higher and more money gets spent, so smaller targets are not profitable. The prize needs to be bigger than the investment.

The highest scores can change at any point before the end of the tournament, so you need to adjust your target according to potential changes that will happen after you play. At the beginning the high scores grow very fast and then they stop. In order to need only a small buffer, track the leader board daily to see if they don’t go up much anymore, and then enter the tournament.