Some people love the glamorous table games in casinos, while others find them frightening and intimidating, and therefore avoid them.

In the end table games are really not that scary and they have some significant advantages:

• Low house edge. Craps, baccarat or blackjack won’t drain your bankroll within the first few hours. Sometimes you can even lower it to under 1%. Compared to that, live slots, keno and Big Six have as much as 11-25% house edge.
• Maximizing your gambling time. Thanks to the low house edge, you might only lose about $3 out of $5 bet in an hour.
• Use of strategies. Games like slots or keno are purely luck-based, while in table games you get to be challenged by choosing from many different ways of playing.
• If you’re a good player with great skills, you get rewarded. You have much bigger chances of winning than others, which doesn’t happen in chance games.
• You can feel like a part of a team cheering on each other while playing against the house, for example in blackjack and craps.
• It’s easier to have hot streaks, especially in craps.

If you still feel intimidated, you can try playing table games in an online casino first, before visiting a land-based one.