When you plan a progressive jackpot strategy, you need to keep in mind the old advice about not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Some of the money needs to be likely to bring small steady returns, and some can be risked in order to win more. If you only wager on large payout progressive jackpots that are highly volatile, you might end up never winning in your entire life. If you only wager on progressive jackpots where payouts are frequent but small, it’s impossible to ever have a life-changing win.

The question is what should be the proportion between bets on these two types of slots. That’s up to the players and their individual preferences. If you play for fun, you need to play mostly the games with frequent payouts – you won’t easily run out of money. If you’re willing to risk more money because you just won big, you can play a highly volatile game. It’s essential to play responsibly and not count on the big win to pay for your real life expenses.

Online casino software developers, such as Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic, know that the balance is necessary and offer both types of progressive slot games. The innovative Microgaming has even introduced a game called Mega Moolah where both types of progressive jackpots are available. All the time you can hit tiny amounts of cash, about every 2 hours you might hit $200, about every 4 days you might hit $30,000, and about every 6 months you might hit $3 million.