You could get your hopes up about little-known baccarat strategies, but in the end there is no way to use a card strategy to lower the House Edge successfully when playing baccarat. Card-counting is not worth it either, even though the game is a bit similar to blackjack. What you can do is betting on the Bank Hand and not on the Player Hand – it will provide a lower House Edge. Casino Edge for Player Hand is 1.36%, while Player’s Edge for Banker Hand is 1.36%. That’s why there’s a 5% commission on the Banker Hand, but even then the Casino Edge is brought to 1.17%. Not making tie bets, with Casino Edge of over 14%, makes it even lower. Tie bets pay 8 to 1, but the correct odds are 9.5 to 1, so they’re risky.

If you make a short round, it doesn’t matter if you bet on the Banker Hand every single time, but it is important that you do that if you stay at the table for a long time. Other than that, you simply need to be a responsible gambler, which includes keeping track of your earnings and losses. You can do it by writing them down, whether in land-based casino or online. Some players are convinced that you can predict outcome patterns this way, but it has no mathematical basis. You’d do it by drawing columns and intersecting rows, and then taking two columns and marking them with B for Bank Hand win and P for Player Hand win.

In the end, the best strategy is knowing where to stop playing, being aware that outcomes cannot be predicted, betting low, and betting at least mostly on the Banker Hand.