A slot game without paylines can cause a lot of confusion about how you win. Here comes an explanation.

The software leader, Microgaming, has recently introduced a multi no payline slot game, Burning Desire. The game uses the combination of red, yellow and black, and it has fantastic graphics. There are no paylines, but there are more than 240 ways to win. It’s easier to win this unique game there than regular payline slot games. The coins you can use range from 1 cent to $1. Up to 250 coins per spin can be wagered.

The way it works is very simple. After you spin you hope to get matching symbols consecutively from left to right. Three of them (or more) means that you win. That’s it. No weird order on the reels themselves, and the symbols don’t have to be lined up on predetermined lines. It has a lot of both simplicity and creativity.

Hopefully more casinos will include this type of games, and add some exciting bonuses to them to improve this already great experience even further. If you’re interested and you haven’t checked out Burning Desire yet, do it as soon as possible.