Slot Games: How Much Per Spin Should You Bet?

Most online casino players have their own limits and rules regarding how much they bet, but not many of them go as far as to establish how much to bet per spin. It’s not hard to do, though. You just need to know what your objectives are.

First you need to choose your targets – how many days you want to play, how much time you want to spend playing per day, and what your bankroll is. In the following examples the responses to the above questions will be: 40 days total, 30 minutes every day, with a $350 bankroll.

Next you need to find out how many spins you’re going to make. Obviously you can’t get an exact number, but you can estimate it according to how many spins you make per minute on average. Usually it’s about eight. In our example it would be multiplied by 30 minutes, which means 240 spins a day, and that means 9600 spins in 40 days.

Then you estimate how many lost spins you’re going to have. The payout proportion of your game of choice will help you with that. If you play multiple games it will be hard to establish, so you can stick to the average payout percentage of 93% which applies to most slot games online. That means 7% lost spins, which equals 672 spins (9,600 x 0.07).

With all these results you can find out how much to bet on each spin by dividing your $350 bankroll by 672. That means $0.52 can be safely wagered per spin.

Obviously all of this is just theory in the end. Slots are games of chance, so it’s also possible that you’re going to lose much more frequently and run out of cash before you played all of the 40 sessions. You may also last longer than that on your bankroll.