Roulette has a relatively high house edge compared to other games, such as craps or blackjack. In the American version of roulette it’s as high as 5.26%, while in the European one it’s still 2.7%.

You can see if roulette is worth playing by comparing it to blackjack. House edge in blackjack can be as low as 0.5% or less when the player knows very well how to play and what strategies to use. Even if you’re not a good blackjack player, the house edge won’t go higher than 2%.

But that’s not the only criteria. If you look at the spins per hour in roulette versus the hands per hour in blackjack, you get 30-40 spins (at most about 60) versus at least 60 hands (at most about 200). For example: By making $5 bets in European roulette with the average of 40 spins per hour and the house edge at 2.7%, you’ll be losing $5.40 per hour. By making the same bets in a blackjack game with a 1% house edge and the average of 100 hands per hour, you’ll be losing $5 per hour. The blackjack loss is still smaller by $0.40, but it’s not that much better when you consider how many more bets have to be made.

The en prison rule in European roulette, which applies to even money bets (high or low, odd or even, red or black), can help you additionally lessen the house edge.

In conclusion, roulette is not that bad when it comes to the possibility of winning, especially considering all the available bonuses that can work together with hot streaks.