Bankroll management is essential for every online casino player. There are different types of bankroll management that pertain to different ways of gambling.

There are players who love taking risks. They don’t mind if they lose their entire bankroll at the end of the gaming session because they aim for winning big. There are also players that try to save their bankroll for as long as possible and are okay with small losses and small wins. And some players are somewhere in between. Roulette has types of bets for each of these gamblers, and the house edge for all bets is the same.

Bets with payout 5 to 1 or more (six number bet – 5 to 1, street bet – 11 to 1, split bet – 17 to 1, single number bet – 35 to 1) are the best for risk takers. Starting with the six number bet is good bankroll management. Track the time and the chip balance – if 25% of either is gone without you achieving your target win, you switch to the street bet. If you’re on target, you continue with six number bets. You keep switching (or not switching) to the higher paying bet according to the principle above.

For the players who dislike risk, the even money bets are the best – winning and therefore conserving your bankroll – is the most likely. These bets are red or black, odd or even, and the first 18 numbers or the last 18 numbers. If you increase your bankroll thanks to these bets, you can switch to the more risky ones, but switch back as soon as you lose.

The in-between players can do a little of both – smaller amounts of money can be bet on the risky bets and bigger amounts can be bet on the even money bets.