You might think that only professional casino players ever win in Las Vegas, but that’s not true. Regular people have just as much of a chance of becoming rich overnight, especially in luck-based games that don’t require any skills.

The biggest Las Vegas jackpot ever, $40 million, was won by a 25-year-old man in March 2003. He visited Las Vegas because of his basketball tournament and wanted to simply try his luck.

92-year-old Elmer Sherwin is one of the luckiest people ever – he won a jackpot twice. He spent the first win, $4.6 million, on traveling around the world. The second win, $21 million, he decided to donate to charity, including to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Amy Nishimura is a very impressive winner too – on her vacation in Las Vegas she hit a jackpot of $9 million.

Even winning a few hundred thousand dollars is fantastic, especially when you need help with your business losses, like Brenda J., or you have a new baby, like Ralph R.

Anybody can win the highest jackpot, no matter how ordinary you are. Enjoy your time in a casino and focus on having fun, and the huge win might just come to you at any point.