The main aspect of online gambling and Internet in general is constant evolution and change. One of the newest developments is the mobile revolution. In addition to regular computers, everything is also becoming available on mobile devices, such as smartphones or iPads. Not that long ago it was still completely impossible, especially when it comes to fully functioning casinos operating with real money.

On the other hand, the position of online gambling on regular computers is not in any way endangered. Mobile devices might be more convenient, but they still cannot replicate the same experience – the limits regarding graphics and the number of available games make it impossible.

The choice between gambling on mobile devices versus regular computers might be difficult and it definitely depends on your personal preferences. But fortunately you don’t even have to make a decision in the first place. You can simply play both, because most casinos provide both versions and make sure they’re compatible with each other. You can even synchronize both accounts to the point of stopping blackjack game on your laptop, leaving the house and continuing to play on your phone on the bus. Compatibility makes mobile revolution possible in the first place.