Blackjack is a very entertaining game, but in order for it to be really enjoyable you need to remember to not be reckless with your chips. Consistency is the key.

There are players who get carried away and keep chasing losses – they bet more and more in order to win back all the money they lost. This can only end with even more loss.

New players tend to think that betting a lot and counting on luck is a good strategy. In reality good judgement is just as important as luck when playing blackjack. Starting small and then increasing the stakes is usually the best decision.

“Better safe than sorry” is a good motto. For example, it’s better to stand than to hit when you have 16. The probability of winning gets very low if your choice is to hit. If you bust you definitely cannot beat the dealer.

Responsible playing in general, and in blackjack in particular, means choosing patience, concentration and persistence over emotions such as excitement or frustration. In the end winning big is less important than having a good time and not regretting your decisions. By taking your time when making choices you also improve your skills.