Online casinos are required to provide information about problem gambling, prevention and resources.

Problem gambling is having the urge to continue playing even though you’re aware of its harmful effects on your mental or physical health, your finances and/or your family.

Most casinos offer checklists of warning signs so that players can recognize, accept and address their problem. Some of them are below:

• You spend a lot of time thinking about gaming, whether it’s past experiences or plans to spend money you haven’t won yet.
• You increase the wagers to keep enjoying the game.
• When not gambling, you feel irritable, depressed or restless.
• You feel that you need to reduce or stop gambling, but you’re unable to actually do it.
• You escape personal problems by gambling.
• You lie to your loved ones about your losses and gambling habits.
• You borrow a lot of money, borrow regularly or steal in order to keep playing.
• You gamble at work or in school.

Prevention is essential, so online casinos offer a lot of tips that have to be kept in mind. Here’s some of them:

• Always have a daily, weekly and monthly limit.
• Before you start playing, establish when you’re going to stop.
• Play only for pleasure, not to pay off your debts or buy a new house.
• Don’t borrow money to gamble.
• Leave the casino both when you’re losing and when you’re winning.
• Understand that you cannot control games of chance.

Online casinos also offer voluntary exclusion periods – you can be prevented from gambling for the amount of time you choose. GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous and other organizations offer professional help for problem gambling.