Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority here at MyCasinoBonus24. You can be sure that it’s respected every time you visit and use our website. We know the importance of gathering information from users in order to provide the best service, but first of all we know and respect the importance of handling and using the information in a secure way. The following Privacy Policy outlines all the methods in which the user-provided information is collected, maintained and used by MyCasinoBonus24.

By using the MyCasinoBonus24 website, you confirm that you agree with our privacy policy terms and conditions. You also allow us to use your information according to the following privacy policy. If you disagree with the privacy policy and do not want us to use your information in the ways that are outlined in it, you should leave the website. We can change our privacy policy at any time. Anyone who keeps using the website, either after being notified about the changes in privacy policy or after they have been posted on the website, is assumed to agree with the updated privacy policy.

The use of cookies

MyCasinoBonus24 uses cookies on the website. Cookies are small files that get placed on the user’s device that is used to access the website. The information stored in cookies is used frequently every time the user visits the website. The use of cookies is very common. Usually their purpose is to store details such as the user’s login or customized preferences regarding the appearance or functionality of the website. Operational purposes are the only reason MyCasinoBonus24 uses cookies.

IP addresses may also be collected by MyCasinoBonus24. The number is unique to the device you are using online. Security, troubleshooting, statistics and administrative tasks are the reasons why it can be necessary. When you visit particular pages, our servers may log your IP address.

Caution regarding the public areas of the website

It’s very important for users to be aware that any information provided in any public area of the MyCasinoBonus24 website is classified as public information. Being mindful and careful about sharing any kind of personal information in these areas is strongly recommended. It’s also important to keep in mind that any information posted in a chat room, message board, forum or in any other public place online is accessible by third parties and can be used by them. This might result in getting unsolicited messages, such as advertisements and other promotional content. It’s impossible for us to control the actions of third parties. Therefore you need to be aware of the risks you take when you post any kind of personal information in any public area of our website.


Sometimes your contact details will be used by MyCasinoBonus24 to provide information regarding our website and the services we offer that you have used or accessed. If you have consented to be contacted, we may also send you messages about other unrelated services.

While you are in the process of registering your account, you can opt out of receiving messages from us. You can also remove yourself from mailing lists that send any promotional materials. You may still receive messages with important information, though. This section clarifies what is considered an important message. Every single message we send to you is going to contain the information about how to unsubscribe and not receive MyCasinoBonus24 messages anymore.

In order to be able to use certain services or access certain areas of the website, you may have to provide personal information. The process of collecting information can happen in many different circumstances – when you register an account, when you offer information voluntarily, when you post information in public areas of our website, and at any time when you directly contact us. The ways in which your personal information will be used include billing services, helping you with managing your account, and advertising.

We send emails with information about your balance and about the updates on our website, both technical and general. Our customers can opt out of getting any kind of advertisements and promotional material, but they cannot opt out of receiving the information that is a vital part of the services we offer. We may work with third party companies in order to provide services such as processing payments, software and identity verification. None of our external partners will ever receive any information beyond what is absolutely necessary to carry out their tasks.

External agents and third parties

The personal information you provide at MyCasinoBonus24 is going to be verified and validated using third party databases. You consent to these verifications and checks when you accept our terms and conditions. Every check, including those with credit reference agencies, is done to confirm the identity of the user. There will not be any impact on your credit rating. We follow all data protection laws.

Every time any of our external contractors or partners accesses your information, they are required to follow the exact same privacy policy we do. At the same time you need to be aware that third party websites that we link to are not required to follow our privacy policy when you visit them. In order to feel safe on those websites you need to familiarize yourself with their own privacy policy.

MyCasinoBonus24 may disclose any personal information if doing so is required by law. If any third party provides reasonable proof that you have infringed on their intellectual property laws, your personal details might be made available to this third party.

Your personal information might be transferred to a new company if MyCasinoBonus24 is sold, consolidated or merged.

Any information you provide may be both located and processed outside of the UK. Any location where our affiliates, subsidiary partners or agents operate might be the location where your information is processed. Using the website means consenting to having your information transferred outside of the UK. We will always do everything we can to protect your information. That includes using reputable security technologies and methods.

Even though we promise to take all the necessary steps so that your information is secure, it’s in the nature of the Internet to make it impossible for every single data transmission to be 100% safe. Therefore we cannot carry liability or take responsibility for any personal information leak if it occurs through transmission errors, third parties using unauthorised means to access it, or in any other way that we cannot control.

Your role in security

You, as a user, also have an important role to play when you want to make sure that your personal information stays safe and secure. The responsibility for ensuring the security of your password and ID falls on you. It’s also your responsibility to stay mindful about how and where you share your information.

You are allowed to correct, update or remove parts of your personal information if the accuracy or privacy of the information concerns you. If you want us to provide copies of information, you may have to pay a fair fee. If you choose to delete your information, some areas of the website, as well as some services, will no longer be accessible to you. We do not provide a refund if that’s the case. We also may keep your personal information for the purpose of solving disputes and other problems, ensuring that our user agreement is still in place, and complying with technical and legal requirements of running the website.