The percentage of female casino players is almost 50%, according to surveys. That means that online slots with strong female characters are being made, because the creators of casino games cannot ignore the huge group of paying customers anymore. This article describes Playtech slots that fit this theme.

Elektra is a Marvel superhero. She’s an assassin who uses martial arts. The symbols in the game, also called Elektra, include her weapons of choice, such as Sais and Shuriken, as well as other items, for example the pendant she got from her mother. The Weapons Bonus round has Elektra’s weapons with different free spins. The player chooses one. The game is included in the Marvel progressive jackpot network.

Azteca is the title of a game and the name of the character who resembles Lara Croft. The symbols come from the Aztec culture where her adventures take place (pyramid) or from the character (knapsack). The scatter symbol is animated and features Azteca herself. You can win scatter payouts and free spins. The Playtech gamble game is also included.

Cherry Love is a stereotypical femme fatale character. In the game named after her the symbols include dagger tattoo, ring and cigarette lighter. The wild symbol is Cherry Love herself. You can get 15 free spins with the guaranteed expanding wild.

The Goddess of Life game has a more cosmic approach. The wild symbol that offers 10,000 coins fixed jackpot is the Goddess. She’s portrayed with the four elements, which also have animal symbols: fire (cheetah), sky (eagle), water (dolphin) and land (horse).

All the games are available in Playtech casinos, for example Golden Palace Casino, Casino Tropez or Omni Casino.