Roulette is entirely luck-based and the outcome is always random. Despite that there are many strategies for how to play the game when you want to win big, reliable ones and unreliable ones. The pattern strategy is one of the latter.

There are people who believe that the pattern strategy is legitimate, but unfortunately it’s not true. Those people watch the wheel spinning for several hours, thinking that there’s a pattern according to which the next number is going to appear. When they finally step in to bet, believing that they have correctly identified the following number, they are usually incorrect and lose.

A pattern cannot exist if the casino is legal. The movement of the marble rolling is completely random unless the wheel is not even. It has to be either rigged or broken, and strict controls prevent that. Therefore establishing any pattern is impossible.

You cannot rely on this strategy at all, so learning the rules of roulette is a better way to spend your time. Different types of bets have different probabilities, and different versions of the game itself (American vs European) have also a different house edge. Once you learn all of it, you’ll be able to play wisely.