Most of the people who bet on sportsbooks don’t make a game plan beforehand. They play at random or only play during huge sports events, such as the Bowl week. It’s much better to have a plan before you bet any money, though, and this article will tell you how to do that.

Setting a realistic and achievable goal is essential to put any plan together. It’s important to remember about doing payouts when you keep winning. Setting a withdrawal percentage is part of bankroll management, without which you shouldn’t gamble at all. The suggested percentage of withdrawal is 25% – it allows you to still have money for further betting.

Obtaining payout should be done weekly, according to experts. You choose a payout day, for example Wednesday, and that’s when you take out money from your online sportsbook account.

Write down records of your wins and losses. It helps you to play smarter. For example, you see which ways of playing make you lose money, especially when you check your records of the whole week. It’s essential to both survival and success in this field.