The honey bee is a very important animal that practically keeps the whole Earth alive, so it’s not a surprise that some slot games were inspired by this insect.

Honey to the Bee is a Real Time Gaming slot. The screen resembles a honeycomb and a swarm of bees flies by whenever you get a winning combination. Queen bee, honey jar, sunflower and ladybird are the thematic symbols, the wild symbol that doubles payouts is worker bee, and the scatter symbol is hive. Randomly triggered progressive jackpot is available.

Microgaming bee-themed game is called Pollen Nation. The wild symbol is queen bee, the scatter symbol is drone bee, and the bonus symbol is baby bee. Other symbols are also bees, such as nurse, guard and worker. Honey, beeswax, pollen puffs and other hive products are the high value card symbols. The bonus game on the second screen has 30 honeycomb cells that reveal bonus prizes when players choose them.

Bee Land comes from Top Game. It’s very high quality and it has a comic touch. The hive has windows and a TV dish. The wild symbol is crown, and other symbols include bees doing different jobs, such as janitor, dancer or artist. Free spins are activated by honey maker. The bonus game is called Honey Queen Bonus and it has 3 stages. First the player chooses a flower to collect pollen from, then they choose the honey maker for the pollen, and then the honey that resulted is taken to a queen, also chosen by the player. Every stage gives bonus credits, but if a booby trap is selected, the game ends.