The popularity of slots comes from the fact that you don’t need special skills or strategies. People who play casino games rarely and just for fun often choose slot games. Online slots appeared together with online casinos and quickly got very popular too.

Slot machines have different types, and then different styles and themes within the types.

3 reel slots are popular because they’re simple, without confusing features, and have a classic look. All you do is bet and spin, without complicated instructions to read. Usually in 3 reel slot machines are single payline where you can wager one or two coins. Some have multiple payline, but that happens very rarely.

5 reel slots’ popularity comes from the additional features and advanced technologies. All spins are separate and there’s a lot more interactivity than in the 3 reel ones. They also include engaging stories. Multiplies, scatters, wild symbols and bonus rounds all add to the appeal.

In most casinos you can try out slots for free and pick your favorite type according to your own preferences.