Volatility in the stock market means that the values fluctuate between very high ones and very low ones. In can be applied to slot games too. High volatility ones pay out either large amounts or next to nothing (which means you either win big or lose big), while low volatility ones regularly pay out small amounts (you don’t lose much, but don’t win much either). Medium volatility slots fall between these extremes.

To identify the level of volatility, you can check the payout table. Volatility is indicated by the difference between the lowest and the highest payout for five of a kind. This payout is also called fixed jackpot, and it means a multiple of how many coins are wagered. Usually the lowest fixed jackpot is 50-100 coins, so the highest fixed jackpot is the indicator.

50,000 coins or more as the highest fixed jackpot means very high volatility. Some examples are American Icon (100,000 coins) or The Right Prize (300,000). The winnings are comparable to progressive jackpot winnings. It’s much more likely that you keep losing, though, so there aren’t many of these games – players don’t want to risk this much.

There are much more games with high volatility (10,000 to 50,000 coins). Some popular ones are $5 Million Touchdown (15,000 coins) or Solomon’s Mines (40,000 coins).

Medium volatility means 5,000 to 10,000 coins. These games are the most popular. For example Mermaid Queen (7,500 coins) or Magic Monkey (6,000 coins).

Low volatility games are not that popular because they’re less exciting. Examples include Sparta (4,000 coins) and Monster Mania (1,000 coins).