indexThe world of online gambling is a billion dollar business with millions of online gamblers visiting their favorite online casinos, poker rooms or bingo halls. Gambling has been always a lucrative business, whether online or at a land based casino, it can take in millions of dollars a day from just slot players alone. This type of industry has generated a cash flow that will span for decades. However, within the past couple of years, the gambling market with specifically the land based casinos in mind, has seen a huge decline, and all of this because of the recession that hit globally the world. But it is a better story for online gaming, where it was not hit so hard as the other type of casinos, the online industry was protected from it. Thanks to the form, where the online gambling takes place at your own home, you do not spend the money on gas, food or any other things. All of the extra money is the saved money, and you are still able to enjoy the entertainment from your very own room chair. Gambling at home, has become a huge pastime for the many gamblers and with all the recession going on, the players have found how the online gambling is cost effective and can be still enjoyable. Nowadays, land based casinos including Las Vegas, have been hit hard by the times, but not the online casinos, which were only hit at a minimal level in comparison. Now the casino giants are entering the world of online gambling and can produce still many of the good games. Although because of the ban on online gaming in the United States, the online casinos were closed for American. Yet there still is a chance the doors will be open to new opportunities. When the recession has finally run the course and the economy is getting back, the question arises what is to be done with the gaming world of these two industries.