Communication between online casinos and their users is vital because of news and changes that keep being implemented. Casinos post those updates on the website, but they need other channels to contact the players because no one browses the whole website often enough.

Email is the most obvious way. Casinos usually offer their own inbox that comes up when the player logs in. The problem is that the information is not available without logging in. That’s why some casinos also use the players’ regular email addresses to send them updates. Even non-members can subscribe to receive emails.

Many casinos offer a newsletter on their website. All the news, for example about new games, big wins or promotions, are posted there regularly, usually every week. It’s one dedicated place to get all the updates, so the main website doesn’t need to make any changes.

More informal and unofficial way of keeping in touch with players are blogs. In addition to some news, they mostly offer opinions and advice.

Infographics are becoming very popular because they’re visually attractive and easy to understand. They mostly contain statistics and/or trivia.

Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are essential. Players use this media daily, so getting casino updates is very easy. They can also comment and like posts, which facilitates communication with the online casino and between players.