Keeping track of time when gambling online is essential. You can get so involved in the games that you forget about your other activities during the day, including going to work. Even more important reason is the fact that responsible gaming should always be a priority, and time limits are necessary to do that. Not having limits or breaking them is the first step to problem gambling.

Every computer displays a clock, but in order to see it you need to use the windowed mode. In full screen mode the whole task bar that contains the clock is not visible anymore. The resolution is better and graphics are higher quality in full screen mode. That means that keeping track of time involves many extra steps – minimizing the casino software, checking the time and maximizing the software again – and that can lead to avoiding tracking time altogether.

Reputable gaming jurisdiction have noticed this issue. Their priority is to prevent problem gambling. So, in order to get licensed, online casinos have include a clock in their software for the players to see. Microgaming is one of the software studios that does it.

The clock on the screen stays in the same place at all times, whether the user is playing a game, visiting the banking section, the help section or any other page. In the case of Microgaming games, the time comes from the computer clock.