The report titled “5 Tested Reasons Why Reputation is More Valuable Than Marketing” was published by Robinson & Associates, a consulting firm for the gambling industry. It explained what factors into the reputation of online casinos.

A lot of online gamblers consider reviews on the Internet to be very important. Adverts and other marketing materials released by the casinos themselves are not worth paying much attention to. Trying to get customers only through strong advertisements simply doesn’t work. Even when casinos understand it, they still usually underestimate the importance of reviews coming from casino players. They’re even more esteemed than those coming from independent reviewers. Positive and negative reviews both have consequences for online casinos.

With social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, it’s very hard to “manage reputation” because online friends and acquaintances are more trustworthy than businesses.

Paying for positive reviews doesn’t work because Google doesn’t count any reviews that come in unusually high numbers, and the Google search is the main way people find information about online casinos.

Negative reviews can be very good for casinos if they are taken into account. If the problems are taken seriously and get fixed promptly, it can significantly improve the casino’s position.